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In the Thorndale community, we have developed many reciprocal relationships with the local businesses. Their paid subscriptions support the initiatives of I Love Community, which further strengthens our community.

The Thorndale Business Directory features many business profiles, including Business Profile videos completed by local volunteer, Dan Parker.

Meet Beth

Beth moved to Thorndale in the spring of 2015. She lives here with her husband Ravi, their chocolate lab Ruby and their cat Rex. Their house is frequently filled with a visiting neighbour dog (or two). Beth loves Thorndale and believes in buying and supporting local businesses wherever possible. In her spare time she loves to bake as she practices her entries for the Thorndale Fall Fair. Beth has been involved with I Love Thorndale since shortly after moving to the community.

Meet Arden

Arden has been passionate about community building for many years. Her interest in this work was ignited when she became a Mother to her first daughter Eve, and Arden realized that if she wanted her family to live in a vibrant community then she needed to step-up and become involved in making things happen. And since then she had her youngest daughter, Sara, and moved to Thorndale, where she helped establish the I Love Thorndale initiative, then supported the incorporation of I Love Community. When she isn't volunteering or spending time with her two daughters and her husband, Derek, she is working full-time as a Senior Manager with the Boys & Girls Club of London.

About Becky

Becky was born and raised in a small farming community in Chatham-Kent.
She has many great memories of growing up in a small village, including Field Days, Street Dances, baseball, bike rides, babysitting, farm labour and visiting with neighbours on their front porch.
Becky realized at a young age that it was the members of the community that created the community. Neighbours were volunteer firefighters, members of the church, the athletic association, and hosts for fireworks and bonfires.

The simplest things hold the greatest memories.

After Becky completed her university degree in Kinesiology, she met her husband, Dan and started a career and family in London, Ontario.

Becky quickly realized how much she missed being in a small community. The familiar faces, smells of fresh cut hay and community events, were some, but the feeling of belonging was she missed the most.

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